Handcrafted Natural
Salts & Soaps

Our range of salts and soaps contain nothing but pure, organic ingredients.

Our philosophy here at yetiSalts is simple:
nature does it best.

About yetiSalts

All our ingredients are organically grown and chemical-free or bought locally, supporting our community in the process. Our products are lactose & gluten-free, and vegan friendly.

All our salts are also sourced from only organic providers to ensure the naturally occurring minerals are present.

Our salts are made based on the garden produce and seasons. We prefer to always work with freshly harvested herbs and not store them. This means there is no bulk production but rather we focus on producing high quality small batches.

We offer gift vouchers and can customise gift hampers to your specifications or provide you with our standard gift packs.

About Our Ingredients

Herbs and flowers organically grown in our gardens, are harvested and then dried in various ways to ensure the best potency for flavour and colour.

Celtic Salt known for its incredible health benefits, is sourced from an Australian company that stocks the true Celtic Salt from Brittany, France (Sel Gris). Celtic salt has a stronger flavour but has less sodium than sea salt. We use celtic salt in our herb salts.

Himalayan Salt is also sourced from an Australian company that stocks true, pure Himalayan Salt. We use both coarse and fine grades in our soaks and soaps.

Epsom Salt known for its very high concentration of magnesium sulfate which is what relaxes those muscles and melts stress. 
It is perfect in our body soaks. It is a natural mineral we source from an Australian company. We use  unprocessed, FFC grade Epsom salt which means it is high in quality and purity.

Sea Salt flakes are used in our herb salts and granular is used in our bath range. It is Australian produced and owned.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

They transform a bland meal into something special by giving it a zing. They’re also great on salads. TRY THEM. YOU’LL LOVE.”

Dorothy from NSW