Our Soaps

Our Sea Salt soaps are made with organic goat milk base.  Our own dried flowers and salts are added to the soap base, then essential oils for both fragrance and healing for the skin!  Creamy, medium lather and full of so much goodness for your skin.

The Basics

All of our soaps weigh at least 120g when packed. Soaps are hand crafted at all stages and this ensures both individual uniqueness and weight.

Ingredients in our soaps and the benefits they provide:

  • Goat milk – rich in fatty acids that nourish and moisturise
  • Shea butter – enrichment, moisturises, extends soap life
  • Sea salt and Himalayan salt – gentle exfoliation, cleansing, skin softener
  • Calendula oil and petals – antioxidant protection, soothe skin
  • Lavender oil and petals – antiseptic, anti-inflammatory

Note: Please keep your handmade natural soap well drained between use. A soap dish with good drainage will help give your soap a longer life.

Our Products

Calendula & Lavender sea salt soap
Calendula & Lavender Sea Salt Soap
Calendula & Lavender Sea Salt Soap
  • Calendula & Lavender Sea Salt Soap – Goat milk, shea butter, sea salt and Himalayan salt, calendula oil and petals, lavender oil and petals.


$6.50 each

We accept PayPal, direct deposit and cash. Please contact us for payment.

$12 flat rate for soaps.

Free delivery can be made in our local area (Alstonville, Ballina, Lismore, Casino, Kyogle etc) and Tenterfield.

Contact email: 

We are also very happy for businesses to stock our products.

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Please contact us if you wish to stock our products.

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