yetiSalts has two products (1) Herb salts for cooking; and (2) Bath salts for bath time spoiling.
All products are either homegrown and harvested, or organically sourced when we cannot grow them ourselves. Herb salts are fresh dried herbs blended with authentic Celtic Salt (amazing health benefits) or Sea Salt. We can also custom make your herbal on Himalayan salt if you prefer. View/order our Herb Salt range.

Bath salts (soak or scrub) are a blend of Epsom & Himalayan salts, pure oils and dried flowers to relax your muscles and senses. View/order our Bath Salt range.

Celtic Salt is sourced from an Australian company that has the true Celtic Salt from France. Celtic salt is a ‘stronger’ flavour salt because of harvesting methods but has less sodium than sea salt.

Himalayan Salt is also sourced from an Australian company that has the true Himalayan Salt. We use both coarse (you will need a grinder) or fine salt. Both are used in our bath products.

Sea Salt is Australian produced and owned. We use flakes in our herb salts and granular in our bath range.

Epsom Salt is the highest quality bitter salts sourced from an Australian country. Known for its therapeutic benefits for muscles, relaxation and health the salt is used in our bath range.

Herbs and flowers are harvested when dry and full sun on them. They are dried in various ways to ensure the best potency for flavour and colour. All the salts will preserve the herbs, but Celtic Salt because of its dampness will make the herbs a darker colour.

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